Wiring for a dryer receptacle

rgb28787May 17, 2010

My 9 month old high end Samsung dryer broke down again for the 3rd time this past week. Dryer guy came out and replaced the same board that keeps going bad but this time it seems the dryer overloaded and burned out the dryer plug and 4 prong receptacle and it's up to me to replace that (don't get me started on the Samsung warranty folks).

So, we checked the panel and the wiring there is fine. He told me to remove the old receptacle, strip back 8 inches of wire and start there to add the new receptacle. Issue is, I don't have 8 inches of wire to pull through the wall. My question is can I cut back the existing 10-3 wire, run it into a box and then pigtail in a new length (3 or 4 feet + a little extra) of wire to where the outlet currently sits OR do I (or, in my case, the electrician I hire) have to start new at the panel and run new 10-3 all the way to the laundry room? Thanks. Robert

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How did the receptacle get damaged? Any current generating enough heat the damage the receptacle should have tripped the breaker. Nothing that you plug into an outlet should damage the branch wiring in your home.

As for running a length of wire, you can use a junction box provided it remains accessible. You can't bury the box behind drywall etc. Really though, if part of the wire got hot enough to be damaged, I'd just replace the whole run back to the panel.

Overall, I wouldn't trust the "dryer guy" for electrical advice. Get a qualified electrician out there asap.

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There's something odd going on. A dryer that blows out 3 controller boards in 9 months plus a receptical burning out smells of a wiring problem of some sort.

Was the dryer set up for 4-wire or 3-wire?

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A loose connection in the plug could have caused the overheating.

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A junction box can be used, but it needs to be accessible. Double check all wiring for anything odd.

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