Changing futon frame into a couch?

pinktoesSeptember 3, 2007

I want to change our nice solid ash Mission style futon frame into a more traditional couch. Comfortable enough for company to sit on, but won't get heavy use. I've found a place that will make couch cushions to any size and shape, so that'll work.

Here's the problem: I just noticed that a futon frame's seat slants down in the back, lowering your seat and elevating your knees. Then its back leans back too far, so you're looking up rather than level with the floor. Don't think I can solve that problem by manipulating the cushions.

Any ideas on how we could alter that frame to make it sit more upright, like a traditional sofa?

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Futons are build a lot of different ways; your question is going to be difficult to answer at a distance, and impossible without pictures.

My guess is that, with needing to make custom cushions and significantly modify the frame, you may be better off to sell the thing and buy a new couch.

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I just took a closer look at the futon frame. DH has already screwed 3 lengthwise slats over the ones that already run the depth of it. He did it so that the mattress would lay level, like a bed, rather than make him lay at a side to side tilt, ever rolling toward the back.

So, the frame already sits level. I thought I still had the rolled up towels and blankets stuffed in there to level it up.

Now I only have to deal with the back being too angled. Maybe just hand out throw pillow and let folks use those to adjust their own "tilt".

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