finishing a fireplace mantel

PoorOwnerSeptember 16, 2008

I have a mantel surround and shelf in oak that I need to finish, I plan to use a stain and then floor grade polyurethane (Minwax duralseal) Then I remember seeing "check local fire codes" before fininshing and installing the product.

I wanted to know if the poly will work and to code? The wood shouldn't be getting that hot.

My fireplace is wood burning and it has a brass surrounds with rows of tiny square holes horizontally. Is it OK to position the horizontal wood piece directly above the square holes? Picture coming soon.

I also wanted to know if I should glue the ornament on before staining and sealing, or finish them individually I imagine glue will not work well after poly has been applied to the bonding surface

Thanks in advance

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You really should check with local codes on this.The combustable materials have to be a set distance away from the heat source.For sure better safe that sorry.Besides you want to able to sleep at night and not worry about a fire. Hope this helps. John

Here is a link that might be useful: johnpaint

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I picked out the product formby's tung oil finish however they told me they do not recommend for the application, the maximum temperature is only 120F, while I am not attemping to roast my wood at all, I want to know the tempeature limits of polyurethane? Some are meant for outdoor and marine applications so the tempature limit should be higher.

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