Window Manufacturer Identification

dianemarieNovember 19, 2008

I help need to figure out who my home window manufacturer is. The house was built in 2001. I have a broken seal on my thermo pane picture window and I need to determine if it is still under warranty. They are casement windows, with wood on the inside and vinyl on the outside. This window has no mullions and does not open. I do not know what type of glass was used. The only identifying information I can find is in the upper right hand corner on the vinyl that separates the two pieces of glass. It reads "P3659-008-481830 IND.COVER 2000-10-04 1 1211704 008". There are no logo's nor any other identification marks on the window or window frame. The crank mechanism on the hardware says "Truth", which I know is the hardware manufacturer, not the window manufacturer. Each window has a slightly different number but has the same number of characters. These are the numbers that they all seem to have in common "P35???-00?-481??? IND.COVER 2000-10-0? ? 121??? 00?". Yes, I have contacted the builder but they cannot find any records indicating who the windows were ordered through or who the manufacturer was. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hmmm... you have done a good job giving us a thorough description. I googled the number in the IG and got nothing.

Have you gone to other windows in the house that DO open? Looking at all 4 sides of the sash? The inside jamb? The back of the screen etc?

Where is the house? Maybe a clue there. I know you did your homework asking the builder but asking them again where MIGHT they have purchase in 2001? I doubt they bought from too many places in a fairly specific time period. At least you could go to the showroom to see if you recognize the window.

You could also post a digital pic.

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