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winegrapesMay 15, 2010

Hello, I have to run power for my swimming pool far from the pool should it be,..and how high above the ground?..thanks Charlie

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Well, this is a loaded question. There is a simple answer, which is 5' MINIMUM from the pool wall or water line. There is a reason for this number and MANY other closely related codes.
Are you aware of any of them? If you are wiring for a pool I would hope so.
I think getting a couple of good home wiring books, that specifically cover pools, would be in your (AND your family's) best interest.

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Ron Natalie

I agree with Petey that you've got no business mucking around with pool wiring unless you know well the NEC especially Article 680.

However, I don't know where the five feet comes from. That's bogus. If it's within TEN feet of the water horizontal, it's in the overhead space and if so it needs to be 22.5 FEET above the waterline (as well as 14.5 from anyplace on a diving board/platform you can stand).

Five feet is a number that only applies to certain things like lighting and certain specially exempted receptacles.

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Ron Natalie

Oops I misread that as a POLE (for overhead wiring)...a post for just mounting a junction box makes more sense with what you're probably asking (and what Petey answered). Still as alluded to, there are constraints on that five foot number that you need to consider very carefully.

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