Memory Box of Mo for Bro

texaswildOctober 10, 2009

Bought this frame at an antique store years ago, and had planned to put a mirror in it and mosaic it, but there isn't room in the house now for it. Was looking for an old drawer to make a memory box of Mo for my Bro, when I spied this frame. Built the box behind it (about 3"), and covered the inside w/anaglypta. Had bought the metal flower recently from my neighbor's garage sale ('twas her Mo's), and am putting it on the center top of the box. Was trying to come up w/some colors to combine, and couldn't make up my mind so slept on it. Today when I was showing the project to my friend Becky, I went for the flower, and LO, what a sweet moment. I had chosen the colors that are in the flower - serendipity. Hadn't a clue. I have a small chest of drawers to attach midway inside the back, and perhaps build a little shelf in there too. There w/be a small amount of mosaicing. Inside the designs on the frame front, I'll apply gold leaf. Am going to Bro's on Monday to start housecleaning, and w/gather small items to go in the memory box. Gonna enjoy this project.

Memory box WIP

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Wow...what a BEAUTIFUL project Slow. I'm sure yur bro will cherish it......

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Way to go pretty lady! That is going to really be a wonderful tribute. Are you leaving the frame white with the gold leaf on it? I can't wait to see what you bring back to go in this.

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FLAG: I painted several colors, sanded, then dry-brushed on white. Don't like it, so may have to sand it down and start over. Might use metallic gold in the designs.

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WOWSERS Already! Love all the ideas you are doing with this! But the frame part is sooo cool, I look forward to all the pics of this! I want to make something for my 87yr old neighbor, his wife just passed...a few days after their 58th Wedding Anniversary.Jane

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What a wonderful piece this is going to be.
I love it when the heart leads.

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The frame is wonderful and this will be really special. It's nice to know you have a good feeling for it as you're getting started. I just know your bro is going to love this sentimental and charming piece.

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I left it at Bro's, and we w/work on it after Thanksgiving when I go down to cook him a feast.

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Good grief!!!!!!! Went to Bro's for Thanksgiving, (A YEAR LATER), and brought back a few things, but not nearly enough - was in a rush to leave and didn't have time to spare. Am stuck until I get more stuff. Am putting it aside once again. Never could come up w/a better color, so since Mo loved the color pink this is it. Lots of symbolism in the pieces I chose. One in particular stands out - hanging on the right in eyelash yard is a couple toys Mo received for her 7th birthday - a little egg beater and a mixing spoon. Growing up I saw these periodically, so have fond memories of those pieces. I promise a better picture next time. I fooled around w/Paint Shop Pro and failed!!!

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oh, you have sparked a cool idea there..since I have so many little things of my mom's ...I had no idea what to do with much of it.
My brother just gave me another box of blank china pieces for painting/firing last week..
and along with that bunch, he also gave me 3 oil paintings.
I can't believe he parted with them..they were paintings we grew up with, on the walls in the dining room....
they are paintings that my great-grandmother painted in the early 1900's, soon after she and my great-grandfather traveled out west, from Wisconsin, by a scout named Ezra Meeker...from the Ohop Valley region of Washington State..
my great-grandfather was the first pharmacist in the area and traded medicines with the Salish Indians, along the river beds, in villages of the Puyallup Valley.
it baffles me, why some people can just let things like that go..
of course, he did say that if I ever think about getting rid of them, they are to go back to him, cuz the frames are worth something..
huh? the frames?
what about the paintings????
a branch of an old apple tree, with dark muted background, from her yard ...
a dog, named 'Rodney', sitting on an old wicker chair..he was her Blue Heeler and a boquet of wild flowers from her cottage garden....

I have a hard time believing he's a blood relative!
they won't leave my house, as long as I'm alive~

so, with all those cute little collectibles my mom had, I'm going to find some nice box, like you've found and make a shadow box of her trinkets.
I love your ideas, Slow...thankyou..

one of the things are the large, round eyeglass frames, my mom wore, when she did her porcelain paintings...
for a while, I thought of having my lenses put in those frames but I like the idea of them going into a special 'altered box' instead...

thanks again

Becky .(*_*).

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It always lifts my heart to read that something of mine inspires one of you to make something similar. I always enjoy reading your postings, STRAWBERRY. My first shrine/memory box was in an old drawer. My nurse daughter had given me a sack full of all her nursing badges, awards, pins etc., (badges were laminated), and said Mom, make me a mosaic w/these. Yeah, right. How in the world????? OK - I sat on them for a year, b/f one night while sippin' on a 'rita out on my patio, I spied the drawer that had been hanging there for years. Immediately I ran, measured it for size w/an old wooden calendar frame I'd picked from her trash, and it was a perfect fit. I set about gathering things on hand of hers, and in just a few days, a wonderful shrine was built. It is choked full of symbols of her life and profession. It was Divinely inspired to be sure. W/every piece I put in it, I was elated. Made a little book to hang from it that described her whole life, based on the things inside, from a girl scout pin, wings from Pan Am she and other daughter received from a flight attendant on our first flight to a foreign country. I could go on, but........ I'll be anxious to see pictures of your WIP. Oh, BTW - I found more drawers at Habitat for Humanity, if you're looking for something fun to work with. And, of course, the pull is a perfect place to hang a beaded tassel. LOL. Y'all know how I love hangy-down things.

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yep, Habitat is already on my list...they practally know me by name
speaking of tassles, I just finished 3 knit baby hats, of course with tassles..

and......(with a chuckle and twinkle in the eye), gotta agree...we do love the 'hangy-down' things, don't we???
grin...... (:
yes, I promise to post pics as this WIP does progress...

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Love the pink and green ones. How darlin'!!!!!

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