How to disassemble Andersen window crank cover

flasharinoNovember 12, 2012

I want to strip the paint from an Andersen windows in my house but first I want to remove the hardware so I can do a neat job on the wood. The locks came off fine but the cover to the crank handle is another matter. I have attached a photo of the cover. I searched the Internet and found a few videos for the disassembly of Andersen window cranks but none of them had screws and they all just popped off. After moving the screws from mine the cover is a bit loose but will not come off. The window was installed in the mid 80's. Does anyone know how I can get the cover off? Thanks.

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Loosen it from the paint to start with.

Have you checked Andersen's site? They usually do a really good job of putting up instructions.

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As I mentioned the cover IS loose. It is not attached by any paint. I will check Andersen's site.

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Grab the plastic around the hub with a pair of padded pliers, so as not to scratch the lexan cover [Andersen's name for it]. Pull gently then firmly will working the pliers all up & down & side to side. It should eventually come off as it probably is just painted in place. Maybe score the bottom edge with a knife to help it release.

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I realize this was posted a few years ago, but since there wasn't a resolution I will kick in my findings.

The only way I found to remove this cover was to remove the trim behind the crank so you can get at it with a flat head screw driver. When the back of it is exposed simply put the flat head between the crank and the plastic and give it a quarter turn. It should be done on both sides of the crank and it will pop right off.

Hope this helps future folks.

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