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oldscoutSeptember 16, 2007

I want to make a new craftsman front door for my home. When I went to one of the larger hardwood dealers in the SF bay area and looked for 8/4 oak for it I looked through a lot of wood and could not find stock long enough or wide enough that was even close to straight and true. I have a jonter and planer so glue ups and milling are not a problem. Has anybody made a door by laminating 4/4 stock up to the 1 3/4 thickness needed for and exterior door?

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Very inadvisable. The stresses from laminating two boards and exposing them to extremes of heat and climate lead to great warping possibilities. The best old time thick doors were a poplar or white pine core with 1/8" hardwood veneer. In your case, you could resaw oak into 1/4" stock, laminate it to the core, then plane down to finished thickness. Unless your jambs are already determined, you could do a 2.25" door, which is a very substantial thickness.
The softwood core winds up much lighter than solid hardwood, which means it's easier on the hinges in the long run.

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