Accidentally Pierced 6/3 Cable - Splice?

toddimtMay 16, 2011

I was doing some remodeling work and a piece of metal on the drop ceiling cut into the 6/3 cable in my basement running from the main panel to an upstairs sub panel. There was a nice puff of smoke and the breaker popped.

I had cut back the outside sheathing to inspect the damage and it appears that only the red wire was pierced. The others look intact. In order to get power restored, I ran to HD and used a split bolt connector and wrapped it taught in the 3M rubber tape extra thick all around and then the vinyl tape. This was a temporary solution,as it is not in a junction box. I am now to seeing what my options are short of having to run a brand new 6/3 line.

Since this cable runs through a utility room in the basement, I could possibly cut the cable here and connect in an approved method and run a new wire from here to the breaker, since the damaged occurred between these 2 points. Not sure what the appropriate fix would be?

I have seen the Polaris connectors mentioned. Not sure if this is the best method or if these connectors need to be put in a junction box or not.

All options would be appreciated :).

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ALL splices must be in approved boxes, with adequate slack for working the connections.

Either remove the damaged section and run a new piece back to the panel, or insert two junction boxes with new cable between them to provide adequate working wire in the pair of new boxes to make connections.

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I understand. However, I have two questions?

1) What is the best method to make the splice/repair? Polaris connectors? Just Split Bolts? Other?

2) 6ga cable is thick so I assume it probably needs allot of room for a bend radius, etc for slack and termination. Especially with three wires plus the ground. What do I use for the box, especially size, to accommodate making all of these terminations? Didn't know if there was a box like a disconnect box that could be used to make the connections but without the disconnect per se. Although not sure if something that large would be needed.

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"Didn't know if there was a box like a disconnect box that could be used to make the connections but without the disconnect per se."

You just need a junction box large enough.

The wire fill tables and bend radius data is in the code, you just need to look it up.

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