Problems staining white oak trim board

skyedogSeptember 20, 2010

We are recreating the oak trim in our recently remodeled kitchen in our 100 year old house. The previous owners had gutted much of the original woodwork in the two rooms we are working on so we have to start from scratch.

The trim is quartersawn oak, about 5" on the windows and doors and 7" high on the baseboards so the grain really shows. Hubby has already stripped the paint off the trim and doors and refinished them in the rest of the house so we have some experience in the color we want but alas, no patina to work with.

Here's the real problem. Some of the boards vary in color from others (maybe I should say are darker than others)and hence, stain a different color. Any advice on how to help even the color out?

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Use a lighter stain first. Then, on pieces you want darker, use a darker stain.

Apply the stains with a rag, wiping on and then off. Experiment with the amount and the times left on before removing excess.

It will take some experimenmting, but you should be able to get close.

Also, you could add another dimension of color epxperimentation by using different shades of shellac as the finish. That will darken(amber or brown) a stain color.

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You aren't going to go from dark to light so you have to match the dark. My suggestion would be to use an aerosol spray toner to darken the lighter molding. You can order it from Mohawk Finishing Products. You can order about three different colors to see which one or combination works best. When you use this, hold the can far away and let a light mist fall on your project. You can put it on too heavy, but not too light. Pratice on a large scrap board first.

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Thanks for replying to my post. Hubby has made some progress by switching brands and playing with colors. I think we can make this work.

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