mazelady2006September 4, 2007

We just pulled the paneling off,spackled the wallboard, and painted our den. But it left a gap around the build in shelves. Caulk doesn't look good in that gap so I was thinking about putting 1/4 inch quarterround around the built-in to keep it nice and crisp looking.

But Lowes and Home Depot don't carry 1/4 inch quarterround. Where do I get this? Anybody from the Houston area here?

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Your local lumber yard should carry quarter round.

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If you cannot find a small size you can make it using a router and a table saw.
Round over both edges, groove the edge of the board for each piece, then cut them free.
Repeat as required.

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Around here, we had a series of big-box-wannabees that had lousy service and went under prior to Lowe's and HD coming in town. Somehow, we always managed to find molding at places before HD and Lowe's -- the little guys are still in business and ready to serve.

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