Marvin window installation

lkgarnNovember 10, 2010

Is there anything special about the Marvin window with installation? I have a friend that works for Pella that can have his installers come out and put in the windows for us - but I really want to go with Marvin windows instead of Pella. Is there any reason not to have his Pella installers do the job (as long as they are good!).


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Key phrase is "as long as they are good". Several questions though:

What type of Marvin windows?

Who and or what defines if they are good installers?

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These will be replacement windows -I would like to go with wood with aluminum exterior.

That is a good question - and I dont have a good answer for that! What does define a good installer?

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Sorry should have been more specific with my first reply. Will these be insert type replacements or rip out and install full frame units?

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They will be rip outs. One window is wood and the frame is rotted. The other window we will be enlarging the width - so essentially full frame installs. My husband wants to stay away from vinyl - he just doesnt like the looks of them. The rest of our windows are single pane (wood inside/aluminum outside) with storm windows on the outside.

My husband is extremely handy but is not sure about doing the window installation ourselves.

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You can download the instructions from the Marvin web site on how to install their windows. I have a couple Marvin windows coming in a week or so and I have read through the instructions and gathered what I need to do the install. The instructions are well written. The instructions show the Marvin SillGuard and it looks like a good thing to install in a wood wall.

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