No Power coming from slot on breaker panel

zplombMay 24, 2010

hi, hoping you can help. I have plenty of slots in my main panel. I just wired a new circut for my workroom in basement. The continuity is intact. The circut breaker is brand new and matches the manufacturer of the box (GE). The main is on (of course) And the neutral and the ground are securely attached to bus bars and the hot is securely attached to the breaker, it's not too loose or too tight. Power is going to other breakers in the box but when I tested for power at first junction box for my new circut,there's no juice. please help

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Put the tester on the breaker itself and the ground with the breaker turned on.

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You did snap the breaker into the panel all the way?

It can take a surprising amount of force to seat them sometimes.

Is the breaker turned on?

Was it turned off completely before turning it on?

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Take one out of the box you know works. Put it in the slot wwhere the bad one is now. Test.

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Are you sure you have the correct circuit breaker. Not all GE breakers fit all GE panels properly (as is the same with all manufacturers) resulting in a bad connection.
Check the type of breaker, BR, etc, against the other breakers or the data sheet on the inside of the panel door.

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If you have no power comming from a slot in a panel, then the panel is defective and must be replaced.

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