Mystery finish on 1990s dining table

taddpeakeSeptember 16, 2011

I was given a dining table with a bubbly burn mark on the top.

It has a mystery finish that looks sort of like Formica, but not really.

I need some way to make it presentable. Does anyone know what the mystery finish might be and how to remove it?

Thanks! Sorry the photo is small.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Is it a solid wood top, or veneer? If veneer, what type? Wood, Formica (which is plastic), or something else? Then we can discuss finish.

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Looks like burned formica from here. Not all formicas have the same surface gloss.

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It looks like thin Formica. I got some epoxy wood putty to fill in the holes, then I'm sanding it, priming the whole top including leaves, and going to try several layers of stain to see what happens. I'll post back.

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