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gratorSeptember 25, 2010

Our daughter purchased a china cabinet ( easy assembly -yeah right) & the top of one of the doors hits the top header not allowing it to close.She has done meticulous measuring and found that the pre-drilled holes on the cabinet itself are the culprits, just a hair too high.Our dilemma is we can't re-drill them because the drill bit would only slide into the existing holes, only to enlarge them.

Any cabinet craftspersons out there that can off a remedy?

Any advise greatly appreciated.

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90% of the time when I see doors that are not straight (out of square with the case), it is a leveling or racking issue. Shimming out or more of the case corners will draw the doors into alignment. Try pushing or pulling on the upper front corners and see if that works.

The other 10% of the time it's hinges that need to be adjusted one way or the other. Are these Euro cup hinges? Often they have a built in adjustment with turning one of the adjusting screws. You can sometimes adjust non-Euro hinges into alignment with shims of cardboard behind the hinge plates.

Of course if the problem is really mis-drilled holes, you'll have to re-drill them. Fill the old holes with toothpicks and glue, let it set up, then re-drill the holes.

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