Is it kids today or their parents!

pseudo_momSeptember 10, 2012

Writing this on my phone it may be jumbled a bit

I had today off hubby called at 2:30 asked if I could pick up SD at 3:10 sure.

The. Called at 2:40 can I pick up SS17 at school bring him home get him to work for 3 then go get SD. Ok

At 4 I start dinner do some laundry at 6 SS14 calls hubby ... Hubby calls me he needs a ride home from school football practice. I get back to the house SD13 had called daddy to ask if I could bring her to her moms to get her alarm clock .. I bought it for here but she brings it back and forth anyway

I bring come home @7 hubby calls again can you pick up SS17 from work and bring him home @8 hubby finally gets home and I lose it .... Do you do this everyday??? He answers YES! This is nuts we live less the. A mile from school and moms house the amount of gas wear and tear on the vehicle the time it takes you are out of your mind .... Ride to work is one thing but rides fro. School to school to the bus stops your going to do this for another 170 days you are crazy! If I had my way they would be walking unless we have 6 feet of snow or torrential rains no need for this.

My first and last day of playing chauffeur to high school kids!!!!

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That would get 'old' really fast. My kids have been fortunate in that all schools (GS through HS)have been a spit from our front door. All on one piece of property less than 1 to 2 blocks from home (depending on building).

I did take the ones in GS to school in mornings and pick-up in afternoon. Not because they could not walk but because it was safer. The parents would zip in and out like crazed road racers trying to get kid to school and off to the city by x time. Or it was the HS kids driving to school like the crazed road racers with a bit of showing off how 'cool' they were in their monster trucks. There was never any thought or concern over any kid who might happen to get in their way. By the time my kids were across the field in the HS building (direct shot from my front door and a slow street) they were on their own in getting there and home.

In your case, IMO, any kid who can run around for a few hours at football practice can hike it home less than a mile. Any kid who 'forgot' something 1)can do without forgotten object 2)walk over and get it, or 3)let Dad swing by and pick it up on his way home.

The only one who might have gotten a last minute notice ride from me would have been the kid who had to be at work.

Is it the kids or the parents? I think it's a bit of both. But as a parent I would not impose on another adult to haul my kids around to places/events that were in safe walking distances except for in the event of extreme weather and/or an emergency. If I wanted to play chauffeur, fine, but the kids would have to understand that when and if I were not available they have two healthy feet that can replace me now and then. Taking advantage of someone else's day off to run my busy, lazy (?) kids would not be an option.

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If they can't/won't walk then tell hubby to go on craigslist and buy all the kids a bike. Then go to Walmart and buy them all locks.

Then let them get themselves back and forth for forgotten items, practices, etc. A mile on a bike is not far at all! And it will save you a lot of money in gas and wear and tear on your cars.

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This is probably a case of different strokes for different folks. And maybe it depends on where you live?

My husband used to complain a bit about the amount of time I spent hauling the kids around. He rode back and forth on a bicycle and walked as a child and teen. But he lived in a small town and could walk a route that had minimal traffic, plenty of room to walk away from the street on mown grass, etc. It was safe.

My kids would have had to walk down a very busy street, in places where it was overgrown next to the street and no place to walk easily, no sidewalks. I didn't want them walking through waist high grass with cars flying by. Absolutely no way would I walk myself, no way would I let my kids walk that route, it is simply too dangerous. We have 2 friends who are road bikers who were hit and left for dead on the side of the road, one of them on a street very near my home. There are no sidewalks, bike lanes or bike paths near here.

When my son was in sports, the moms carpooled for pickups. That was much more convenient. And the times I drove my teens to activities or picked them up, those were good times to talk to them about their day. I miss those times now that they're grown.

However, I would very much mind going back for the alarm clock. I didn't drive back for forgotten items unless my kids did a favor for me in return. Forgot your textbook? Sure, I'll take you back to school.....if you'll scrub my shower.

So put me down as a parent who spent a lot of time hauling teens around. I consider it time well spent.

But I do understand that some parents live in a more pedestrian-friendly area and it's perfectly reasonable for them to want their kids to walk or bike if it's safe enough to do so.

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"...go on craigslist and buy all the kids a bike."

Sorry gotta disagree with you on this...not in principal, but in reality. I live in a fairly rural area, lots of back roads, county roads, etc. I drive my kids all over the place. I would love to give them the go-ahead to walk and bike all over the place, but one reality that we have to face particularly in the last 5-7 years is that if you look into people's cars when you are on the road, it blows my mind what % of them are staring into their f*cking cell phones while driving.

I pretty much don't let my kids bike anywhere except on trails and stuff....maybe in their mom's neighborhood where there are cul-de-sacs and stuff...but no way am I letting them get in the county rouds where everyone is going 60 mph while txting....

I'd like to let them bike anywhere, I really would. I biked everywhere as a kid. But I see too many idiots swerving all over the place looking into their phones to allow it. I do not want to lose one of my only kids because some 17 yr old had to tweet that she's heading to the mall......

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We live in a fairly small town most kids walk or ride bikes it's a main road with sidewalks on each side to get where they need to be ... My thinking do it all in one drive not multiple trips if you're gonna cater to them then they can wait in the car a few minutes had I know sa17 got out at 7 when I picked ss14 @ 615 we would have sat in the parking lot at his work school is halfway to work ... And we ALL accommodate SD 13 i do it much much less than her parents but that's a different thread! Ha .... Gave my boss grief today for allowing me a monday off note to self only take days off when the kids go to moms :)

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