How do I repair water damage on Maple cabinets, vanity and window

eam4094September 18, 2005

How do I repair water damage on Maple cabinets, vanity and window seats? These custom units were installed about 3 years ago. The maple is very light so IÂm not sure if there is a stain on it. On the edge of built-ins in the kitchen, on the side of the vanity in the bath and in several locations on the window seats there are whitish spots where the grain is raised. The wood is a maple plywood. I found a can labeled "Five Star Clear Polyurethane Coating Satin Interior" which I assume was the finished applied. How do I repair this damage and what can I use to make a better surface - one that lasts more than three years! I want to do this repair myself but if it involves completely removing the current finish I donÂt think IÂll be able to  itÂs a lot of wood. Any help would be greatly appreciated. PS. I have no experience in this area.

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You should be able to lightly sand the raised wood, and coat with finish. I would try this in an area that may not be too noticable first. Finish if applied properly should last for many many years. Water on the finish should have no effect. I use a catalyzed Varnish and part of the test is 30 days wet in a bell jar with no effect. Lacquer is softer and will allow water to penetrate the finish, this is what causes the white ring when a glass is left on a piece of furniture. The water will evaporate but the minerals left behind form the ring. Kitchen cabinets typically are coated with a Catalyzed finish of some type as it is much more reistant to water. Were these cabinets finished on the job ? You can also take a drawer head and sand and recover the inside to make sure the new finish is compatable with the existing finish, that way if there is a problem it will not show.

Good Luck !

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Thanks for the information. I suspect that the kitchen cabinets were finished before they were installed, but I'm not so sure about the bathroom vanity and the window seats. The fact that a can of polyurethane was left on-site makes me suspect that at least some of the finish work was done after installation. I'm having the least trouble in the kitchen and the most trouble on the window seats (which only have moist air around them, not water spilled on them(?)) So I can apply the catalyzed varnish directly over the poly? Do you have a particular brand you use?

I wish I had known about these forums when I had the work done - would have had a lot better installation for a lot less money!

Thanks again.

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Try Sherwin Williams they can help you . They can also test your existing finish to see if it is compatable.
Good luck !

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