Stain Glass/Copper-foil Refresher

becky_iaOctober 13, 2008

Took a few days off work and attended a one day session to learn how to perfect my copper-foiling/soldering techniques. Had done a little a long time ago, but thought I would like a refresher. Talked to Beckey at Dragonshire Glass Studio and she mentioned she would be happy to guide us through the day. Asked my DH if he would also like to join me and he said sure! Stained glass work has never been his project, but he helped with my leaded panel and thought he would like to learn more.

We had a wonderful day! Here is our finished project. And you know what...he did a better job at foiling/soldering than I did! I am really proud of him!

I am ready to start lots of new projects. This was just what I needed to get me going again.


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Becky, how fun to see you, your DH and such great projects! I think that's a great way to rekindle a spark of enthusism for your hobby, and I'm so glad for you that your hubs decided to go along. Both your projects are great! Thanks for sharing!

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Um Becky I think you did a great job. We r our worst critics.

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Becky !!
It's so nice that you can share your hobby with your hubby !!
You are such a cute couple !!
It is so nice to see these panels up in the window especially during the winter when color is so diminished.
Great job you two !!I just love these !

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Hi there! Glad to see your 'wheels' are turning again Becky! Looks like both projects tuned out super nice!!! and we won't have any problems finding your house when in town, I'll just look for the house with all those great stained glass windows!!
I wander over here on occasion to check out the pretty things and hard work that goes on here, so today looks like I picked a good day! good to see DH looking so proud of him-self lol and so he should-great job both of you! -Wendy

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Beautiful job, BECK. Glad to see you back. Very lucky lady to share your hobby w/hubby. What's next?

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Thank you for all the nice comments. We really enjoyed the day, and yes, it was especially nice to do something together.

I found a cute pattern for "shoes" that I would love to do for my daughter for Christmas, so that just may be my next small project.

Otherwise, we were contacted by a lady months ago to create side lights for her front door. We couldn't decided if we wanted to lead or use copper foil. Now we come to the conclusion, we really think it will be copper foiled. Much, much easier! The style is in a Frank Lloyd Wright, so design will be a "piece of cake" . Can't wait to get started though.

Hi Wendy! Good to see you over here!


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Thanks for the nice pics of you and Hubby! I love seeing what everybody looks like! I need a refresher course on how to get off my butt and start something!!lol!

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Gotta beg to differ on foiled panels, lead is faster.
Far more forgiving on your cuts. Very little grinding time and the putty is not a time consuming problem.
Can be cheaper on basic materials too as restrip adds to the cost of foiled panels.
FLW designs have a lot of hinges and some well placed zinc came can easily overcome those instead of fiddling with a lot of restrip.

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