What kind of cabinet is this

woodforhammockSeptember 9, 2008

Can anyone tell me what type of cabinet this is. Just curious. I just got done refinishing it. Thanks

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Somebody went wild with the embossing press, or got a lot of pre-pressed blanks at a good price and made some gaudy 5-drawer chests. "when too much is not enough"

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By the way I found out this cabinet is from 1885 and thank you for you gaudy opinion sombreuil mongrel

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I think it is an interesting piece and probably would have bought it too. Looks like something you'd see on the Antiques Roadshow. Did refinishing it diminish the value of the cabinet piece?

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Don't know what the value of this piece is yet but I glad to hear that somebody else likes it to. This piece was bought from a goodwill store and was painted white when we got it. We only gave $15 bucks for it. I think it turn out petty good. Thanks

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Is it on castors and do those drawers lock? If so, it probably was made for some type of specific business/office purpose, as wheels and locks wouldn't be typical in a bureau-type piece.

It's not my style but there is beauty in it none-the-less. Beautiful piece for $15! : )

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What a great looking piece! You did a great job refinishing it. Hard to believe someone would actually paint over it.

If you ever find out info on its origins, let us know.

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