securing kitchen countertop

laurielou177September 29, 2011

I've just asked lots about finishing our cherry countertop, but also have questions about securing it to the cabinets. Even though both countertops (basically simple rectangles) sit securely on the cabinets now waiting to be finished, not sure how they should eventually be secured. Cabinet maker said maybe he could just leave unsecured, so we could easily refinish next summer if we choose one finish method and decide to go a different route later. Though he's done lots of kitchen and other work, this is first time he's done a whole kitchen of cabinets and handmade wood countertop. Obviously, my husband and I have no experience to know whether, and how the countertop should be secured to the cabinets. What's standard and why? Thanks.

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Angle blocks in the corners of the cabinets and screws driven upwards into the counter.

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Hey, I just looked at this post after leaving you a post in the other thread.

I didn't know your counter tops were not attached. Take them outside and let them sit in direct sunlight (cover at night); we do that a lot with other woods that darken in sunlight (e.g. alder). See what happens over 2-3 days.

If your base cabinets are in place they will probably have top stringers, running front to back on top. These are made to attach counter tops to, screw through them into counter tops or use clips made for that purpose.

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Yes, the counertops are unattached because we weren't sure how we wanted to finish them. Figured sunlight would make a difference, but wasn't sure how sensitive the wood would be to warping if left outside just supported on 2 saw horses - not sure what else I'd put the counters on. And of course, the last 2 days, it's just rained anyway. So, without me sounding stupid, is it ok to just stretch them out over 2 sawhorses in some sunlight, if possible?

And as far as attaching the countertop, is it detrimental to delay that? They seem completely secure just sitting on the cabinets.

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Instead of just putting them on saw horses, put 2x's from saw horse to saw horse and put tops on those. Don't do this if it is damp outside. Changes in humidity from inside to out may cause tops to change shape. I was assuming it was still warm where you are. You may have to consider chemical methods if you're too impatient to wait for natural aging/darkening. How well finished are they? just fine sanded?

I will often wet sand before oiling surfaces, so a little moisture isn't going to hurt, but acclimating for a couple of days with major moisture differences could change things.
Do you have pictures? You haven't told us how they were constructed.

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If those countertops are made from solid wood(not cherry laminated plywood), you will need to allow for seasonal(mainly humidity) inside conditions.

There are several ways to secure them. Corner blocks and screws is often used---but for real solid wood, there needs to be slots in the corner blocks to allow for the movement.

Dabs of silicon sealer every 24" will secure the tops as well.

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