Trimming out a Marvin Integrity window

kooshballNovember 14, 2009

I have taken the plunge and decided on the wood ultrex windows from Integrity for my full frame replacement needs. Most of the existing windows have 2" brick mould trimming them out and I would like to match the look as much as possible although a have one wall that is between my house and the neighbors and not seen by anyone as well as two windows located very close to trim boards on the sides of a framed bay window.

First, I am under the impression that when properly installed and flashed this window does not need to be trimmed; is this correct?

Second, for the ones that I want to trim can i go with a PVC brick mould or do I need to use another material? I noticed a small lip on the outer corner of the frame on the drawing; would I need to run the brick mould through a very shallow table say to all it to be let in to this lip?

Also, are the PVC brick moulds usually paintable?


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Will the windows be installed over sheathing and some kind of siding overlapping the nailing fin or will they be inset in a brick opening?

The Infinity window frame is intended to mimic a brick moulding and if installed without additional trim, although it doesn't do a very good job of it.

Since a brick mounding is tapered in thickness from the edge on the window side to the edge on the siding/brick side, adding it to a modern window would appear redundant unless it is brought out to the face of the frame by installing it over a 1 inch (+/-) thick flat moulding which would make the brick moulding protrude more than the siding (and possibly the brick). This is obvious if you look at the window frame in a showroom.

An Eagle aluminum clad window frame looks more like a brick moulding IMHO.

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The windows will be installed in a wood frame home with Hardiplank lap siding. I will remove existing siding (needs to be replaced anyway) to allow for an installation exactly as called out in the instructions.

The main design issue is that with the new thinner Integrity windows in the bay, I will have to fill 1"-1.25" of space between the window frame and the "corner board" either with trim, thin siding or change the corner board to a thicker one to run flush with the window.


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