PlyGem Mira, or???

flgargoyleNovember 22, 2011

I am building a new home in upstate SC, a fairly mild climate. One of the decisions is of course, windows. I'm pretty strongly against vinyl, but am also up against a very tight budget. So far, the best thing I've seen in my price range is the PlyGem Mira, in an aluminum clad wood. They run about $350-400 each for the sizes I need. Upon doing some research, I'm hearing bad things about these windows, though. I'd like to hear what the experts have to say about competing windows in the same price range.

I'm not really fussy about looks; I just want a solid window that will hold up. We 'use' our windows a lot, preferring to open them in temperate weather. The house will be a Craftsman design, with large overhangs, and it is deep in the woods, so I'll have a little less sun and rain exposure than other designs. I need to keep the cost under $500/window. The windows will be a mix of casements and hungs, with only 15 windows in the entire house. Sizes run 36X72 and smaller.

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I would look at Marvin Integrity in either the All Ultrex or the Wood/Ultrex Series. I would NOT use anything from PlyGems but that is just my opinion. 36" x 72" is a pretty good size window and in a lower grade window of that size I cannot imagine it being a very tight seal or efficient window.

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Take a look at the Integrity hybrid.

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I found a great dealer in my area of SC, and found that the Marvin Integrity is only slightly higher in price than the PlyGem Mira. From some google searching, the Marvin certainly gets much higher praise than the PlyGem product. I just automatically assumed that Marvin would be out of my price range, but in fact is quite competitive. Thanks for the input!

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flgargoyle- Definitely Marvin Integrity. Are you GCing yourself or do you have a builder? Marvin offers a 10% rebate if this is the first time your builder uses a Marvin product--but you have to ask for it.

We found the Marvin Integrity pricing to be significantly lower than PlyGem Mira, Jeld-Wen Siteline EX & Pella Architect (about $7-10K less expensive--we're in NC). I would definitely ask if you were quoted the contractor's price at the supplier you got the original Integrity pricing from. If so, I would seek out 1 or 2 more quotes from other suppliers--we had 2 in our area and their pricing differed by a couple grand.

Hope this helps!

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Are you against vinyl because you'd prefer to purchase a window that will be moldy and rotted within 10 years?--- because that is when we are replacing many new construction wood windows. Fiberglass is definitely a better option, but you could find a premium vinyl choice that will have all of the advantages and more at a lower price... Just sayin... and I sell all three ;)

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