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mbaldwinMay 20, 2013

I am upgrading to 200A service. I am trying to figure out placement for my main panel. I would like the wires to run through the back of the meter, through the wall and straight in to the back of my main panel. The only back knock outs on my main panel box are at the bottom.

Can the wire come from the meter in to the back bottom of the main panel, then up to the top for the main breaker connection? not finding where this might be addressed in the code.

this location is good, because it puts the meter and the main breaker at eye level, just on opposite sides of the wall.

If not, I guess I will need to run conduit in the wall from the back of the meter to the top of the box and down.


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Ron Natalie

You can do this. You can also see if the box is designed so you can turn it over if that will help with the placement. Square D for example puts everything in sideways so it really doesn't matter which end is up.

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thanks. It is a Square-D Qo RV panel with pass-thru lugs.
I do not recall the model right at the moment.
But if I can come in at the bottom back, that would be perfect for me.


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