kinda mosaic

kraftkrazyOctober 8, 2009

these are two things i have done recently..using ceramic tiles, vitreous tiles and beads on the lazy susan,, a friend gave me an old gideon bible that had pages coming out and was defaced,, so i decoupaged some of the pages onto the lazy susan, formed the tiles and beads to try to look like a wrought iron cross and placed it on top,,(now i see its a little off center), then covered it with envirotex-lite..the cross is from michaels and i glued some little plastic beads from ikea into the shape of flowers,, then covered that with envirotex lite also



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I love them! My favorite is the "wrought iron" look. Lovely.
Did You know you can post the picture directly on your post if you copy the html address under the pictures and paste on your post.

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thank you for the info on how to post the pictures,,,i could not figure out how to do that..i gave the lazy susan to the person that asked me to make it,, she was going to give it as a gift.. but now she has decided to keep it and i have to make another one

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The wrought iron table is very elegant looking. I also browsed your photo album. Love your work. Like the geetar. all the tables, mmmm, .


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It's a tough job but very worthy. It can definitely add color to your house.

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