Replacement Vinyl Window Brands

hmmgfxNovember 26, 2010

I've found some really good companies to install. That was the easy part. Hard part is choosing the windows. Looking at a mid grade vinyl as I can't afford the really expensive ones.

I've narrowed it down to just a few. Wincore 5400, Alside Sheffield, and NT Window-Presidential Series W210 Double Hung and Executive Series E110 Single Hung. Now, I'm reading where Alside isn't that great. It's hard to find any independent reviews on NT Window or Wincore. I'm also reading where Simonton is the best.

Any suggestions as my head was already spinning with what window features to look for.

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I wouldn't say Simonton is the "best", but then again how would we define what is "best"? However, Simonton is a very good brand and you can't go wrong with a Simonton window a long as you stay with the Reflections 5500, Prism Platinum, Impressions 9800 or Generations 6500.

Some other brands to consider are PGT, Softlite, Okna, Sunrise and Gorell. Personally, I would not buy an Alside window. Since you didn't include where you are located, it's difficult to be of any more help.

tedi005..Why are you spamming this site with links to patio doors? The OP said nothing about doors. Your post is nothing but a shameless plug.

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Thanks skydawggy. I'm in the DFW, Texas area. And you're right. Best is what's best for your situation, needs and budget.

As of right now, I've eliminated Alside. So it looks like NT Presidential and/or the Exeuctive Series. However, I've been told the Presidential line is a better quality vinyl window than the Executive. Or Wincore 5400 Series. I'm getting down to the wire on placing an order in time for the tax credit with the installers I found. Am I on the right track? Or do I need to push the envelope further?

The installers don't carry the other brands you mentioned (Simonton, PGT, Softlite, Okna, Sunrise and Gorell) and I prefer to stay away from anyone who subs their installers. Don't know if I have the time to get another bid or not.

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I'm not familiar with NT b/c it's not available in Northern Virginia where I live. I have seen the Wincore 7700 side by side with the Simonton Reflections 5500 and I thought the Simonton was a little better built. The welds on it were smoother and the overall fit seemed better. I would ask them to quote the Wincore 7700 and explain the differences between it and the 5400.

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I have a headache now. Because of time constraints on ordering before the end of the year (tax credit), I may just have to go with NT Presidential series vs Simonton Reflections 5500. I'm assuming you mentioned that line as it is mid grade which my budget calls for. It's taken me a week to get this far and there's not a lot of time left to take advantage of the tax credit.

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