Anderson 200 considered an upgraded window for a new build?

DenariusNovember 19, 2012

Having a new home built...36 windows and paid for upgraded windows. Builder says 200 series is the upgraded window and that normally they use something question is for a 700K construction should the 200 be considered an upgrade? I know nothing about windows but poking around here has me thinking the 200s are entry level Anderson's and the 400s are upgrades?

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Windows on Washington Ltd

I have the 200s in my home. They are nice little performers.

They are the middle offering in Andersen's line.

If I was the person that built the home, I probably would have inquired about a Marvin Integrity as well.

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200 series windows would be considered a huge upgrade over some of the crap single hungs that are normally used in a "builders home".

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Builder told me he normally uses Silverline but that since we paid for the upgrade we are getting the 200s. I guess my concern is cost...I am thinking we are close 25K for the windows and wondering if for that we should be in the 400s...said we can upgrade to the 400s for another 7K or 8K. I am ok with the 200s if they are good windows just want to make sure I am not getting charged a 400 price for the 200s. For what it is worth I live in a very humid climate (summertime months) but can be very cold in the winter...not sure if that makes a difference

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Silverlines would be the bottom of the barrel in terms of quality for sure. The 25k price I could not tell you if that is good or bad as your not telling us anything about the unis as to types sizes, anything at all other than "windows".

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Sorry...the tag says Tilt Wash Window - Vinyl-clad Wood Frame, Dual-Pane Low-E Glazing with Argon and Grilles. Product type: Verticle Slider. There is also a code AND-N-59-XXXXX-XXXXX (omitted as I am not sure what it for...warranty?)

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We went through the same thought process. Our builder is using 200 series for double hung and the 400 series for the casement windows in our kitchen and master bath. We went to the showroom and asked a bunch of questions about the differences between the double hung 200 vs 400s. We could not determine much of a difference except that the 400s are more energy efficient and have more options (as far as mullions and sizes) available. My DH is very detail oriented and could not tell much of a difference from just looking at them. Our build is in the 575K range. But so much of the cost depends on where you live. We decided it was not worth spending more to upgrade to the 400 series. Hope this helps.

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