Cleaner ruined my not working

baileyandbellaSeptember 10, 2011

My kitchen island is stained with Varathane and then topped with Polycrylic.

I set a bottle of heavy duty cleaner on it (a degreaser) and it ate through the stain/poly leaving a light colored spot.

I sanded it all down with my palm sander and re-stained the whole top. That spot still looks lighter and when the light hits it, you can see this clear "ring" around the stain.

I am so there any way to fix this? Thanks

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"I am so there any way to fix this? Thanks"

Probably only by stripping and re-finishing the entire surface.

Even if you try and use the exact same materials for the repair, it is often very hard to get a perfect match.

The previous finish has penetrated into the wood at least some and altered how it will take stain and finish.

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I was thinking of dabbing on a bit of acrylic craft paint to try and disguise it a bit, would that be OK to do on top of fresh dried stain?

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baileyandbella ... It will look like you tried to cover up a bad stain repair with paint.

Seriously, you will have to sand the whole top down past the damage caused by the degreaser, then re-stain and apply the finish. Or you have to sand off all the finish and stain the whole top and apply a couple of extra coats to the damaged area to make it the same color as the rest.

Oil-based materials are more durable than the waterbased ones, for kitchen use.

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What chemicals are in the degreaser? You may have to "condition" the whole surface with the same or similar solvent. Neither stain nor finish will react with the wood if certain residues are on one part and not on the rest of the piece.

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