100 percent novice about electrical

gwbr54May 7, 2011

The only thing I know about electrical matters is not to fool with something that I don't understand. However, I have a repetitive problem (each spring) -- my garage and outside power outlets don't work.

Last year, I called an electrician and was embarrassed that he fixed the problem in about a minute, by tripping a blue colored circuit breaker, located at the bottom center of my circuit breaker box. He said (more or less) that the blue circuit breaker served was like the GFCI switch in bathrooms, since the outside outlets don't have a GFCI reset.

So this year, same problem. But flipping the blue switch didn't cure anything. I also flipped the circuit breakers labelled for outside and garage outlets, but still no juice. Any suggestions? My electrician is great - I really like him, but I don't want to get him out for another 1-minute job!

Thanks so much for any suggestions.

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Turn the breaker absolutely and completely OFF. Then turn it back on. A spring-loaded mechanism inside is "cocked" much like a firearm. An overload or ground fault is the "trigger" that fires that mechanism. Turning it OFF begins the process of resetting the mechanism.

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BINGO, Bus-driver. I did what you said; flipped that breaker more than once. Electrician did it once, and recognized that it wasn't really re-setting. So he pushed it a little harder the second time, and it re-set properly. (Why didn't I think of that? Your absolutely and completely OFF should have been the clue.) Oh, well - live and learn.

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