Is this brand new table fixable?

sun2007September 14, 2013

Just bought this brand new, beautiful table.

Unfortunately, the table legs are driving me insane. I cannot push the chair in all the way because of where the legs are positioned. I bought the table to have 3 chairs on each side, but because of this issue, can only have 2 chairs on a side.

Is there anything I can do to fix this? Can the legs be moved out to the ends? Or would this cause more trouble with the balance of the table?

I want 3 chairs on each side and 1 chair on each end. Will I just have to settle for 2 chairs on each side and 1 on each end?

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Most likely, the legs are bolted onto the bottom of the top piece. Odds are, there are "threaded inserts" of some sort so that the legs get put in the right place. There's a small chance that they are simply screwed into the base with large screws.

In the former case, you'll need to add some threaded connectors into the new positions, further out toward the end. You should be able to find these in the rack of your local hardware store. Do not use this type as they're pot metal and not super strong.

In the latter case, you can simply remove the screws, reposition the legs, drill new screw holes and Bob's your uncle.

There's a small chance it's some other method of attachment, so if it doesn't sound like the above, send another photo of the underside.

Here is a link that might be useful: Threaded insert example.

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You can move the legs to the ends, but then the chairs on the ends can't pull up to the table. The bottom part of the legs will get in the way. That's why they're positioned where they are.

This table is not designed to seat 8. It is designed to seat 6.

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Can you move the legs *in*?

Also--will the table *seat* 8 people? Since people don't slide all the way in the way *empty* chairs do?

maybe it'll seat 8 people, but you can only store 6 chairs near it.

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