Mane and tail for hobby horse?

obrienwvSeptember 14, 2007

My husband is making a wooden hobby horse for our new granddaughter and I'm in charge of making its mane and tail. Does anyone have any suggestions what would be the best material to use for them? I'm assuming that it would be a type of yarn, but I'm willing to try any type of material. Thanks so much.

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Hmmm, my hobby horse was a single plastic molding mounted to a frame with springs. Not what you're doing, obviously.

If I were using fabric or fiber to make these parts, I'd be concerned that

1) The mane be strong enough for the kid to hold onto safely while rocking back and forth,

2) Both parts, but especially the mane, be dirt-resistant and/or easy to remove and clean.

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Would real horse tail work? If so, I may be able to help.


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Mop head. Strong enough, can be cleaned without fear of any problems, and can be dyed.

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Sisal....a rope un twisted, wed and hung to dry.
Or crepe hair from a costume shop..It won't be strong like hemp or sisal but will be cheap and easily replaced.
Linda C

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