triple pane or double pane?

ontariomomOctober 25, 2011

Hi there, GW!

We're working out the final window purchases, and wondering whether, in your view, the extra expense of triple glaze windows (about 10% more) is worth it. We live in Southern Ontario, which experiences weather patterns similar to Buffalo or Northern Maine.

Also, we are definite on ordering fiberglass windows, and have compared Inline and Fibertec window designs, and are leaning towards Fibertec's for the extra strength and aesthetic appeal they offer. Any previous experiences with this company?



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Sounds like it is worth it.How much are the windows?

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Triple on the North, East, and West facing wall.

Double pane with a high SHGC range on the south.

Did you look at the new Fiberglass line (Eternity) from Inline?

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using windows with a high SHGC on south facing windows is not always a given.

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The home most be designed to take advantage of the passive solar as well as have access to that radiant energy from the sun.

From the standpoint of their climate region, they should absolutely be trying to get as much of that free heat that they can and putting a low SHGC window in the South elevation would be a mistake in most cases.

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Hi toddinmn and windowsonwashington,

Thanks for your advice. As discussed in another posting, we have received conflicting advice as to the best SHCG on the south windows. First a saleman from Inline, then one from Fibertec recommended soft coat on the south windows (so a lower SHGC). We have no overhang planned in the addition, awnings nor mature trees. The air conditioner runs often in the summer. I plan to call Cardinal glass for their take on what coating is best in our situation as suggested by windowsonwashington. I did not look too much at the eternity line from Inline, as we want casement windows, and I believe the eternity line is well made double hung windows.

Any more opinions on double pane versus single?

BTW the price of the windows including jam extensions, brick mould, false sashes, delivery and nasty taxes is coming in at around $22 000 for 24 windows and one french door (some of the windows are large and have more than one operable window).

Thanks for your help.


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I am guessing that you meant double vs. triple as it pertains to the number of glass layers?

Your air conditioning is going to run in the summer in a majority of the cases but the question becomes whether or not you spend more to heat or cool your home. In this case I would imagine that you spend more to heat your home in that area.

Even the high SHGC glass ranges (180) are going to cut down on the sun's energy by 15-20% over clear glass. That may be enough to buffer the heat in this summer months.

Again, all the passive solar heat gain in the world doesn't do any good if the home is not orientated or set up to receive the energy.

I would always specify triple pane if you can afford it.

They also make triple pane Low-e 180 coatings that will give you great U-factors while maintaining moderate SHGC numbers.

Call Cardinal and get the information straight from the source.

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I think that triple pane is always worth it- mostly because of the comfort.
You are simply more comfortable in the winter, In our house- I hardly notice sitting next to a window or not- , and we have no need for ducts or baseboards next to the windows.

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