Viwinco windows or Andersen?

msavoldOctober 26, 2009


I'd love some input - we're costing out a new house near the beach in DE. Local code says the windows have to be impact windows.

So far, one of the builders we're most interested in has said "With the salt air around here, use Viwinco windows. Andersen windows have given me nothing but grief over the years."

The other one says "I wouldn't use anything other than Andersen 400 series windows. They're the best for around here."

Which one would you choose and why? (The Andersen ones are going to cost more $, but that factor aside, I just don't know which is better/more durable in a salt water environment.

Thanks for the input!

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It is pointless to compare the reputations of window manufacturers, you need to tell us the model of the windows. Andersen make two different kinds of 400 series windows and several different kinds of operating systems. They have little in common with each other. Be specific if you want specific responses.

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Oops! I thought I had - one of these days I'll learn to re-read the whole message before posting!

The options are:
- Andersen 400 series, tilt-wash, double hung, DP50 (a.k.a. Stormwatch 400 series)
- Viwinco OceanView double hung (tilt & wash also) (also DP50)
Both would have low-e glass
The exterior walls (if that should make a difference to the choice...) are 2x6 framing

Also, it's not just the manufacturers I'd like some feedback on - more the construction, maintenance requirements. and durability in a salt air environment of these two windows.


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What is the answer. We have the same problem at the jersey shore?

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I would use a vinyl window in this circumstance. However, I would not use Viwinco.

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Windows on Washington Ltd


There are better vinyl alternatives.

Simonton probably makes the most widely available impact rated vinyl window.

Be prepared though, a Dade County certified impact window is not cheap.

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both Andersen ( silverline) and ViWinco make low quality vinyl windows, especially silverline.
higher quality vinyl windows are Okna/ HiMark, Sunrise, Soft Lite, and Gorell.
all offer laminated glass packages.

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Viwinco seems to be an inferior product based on the comments here. I am replacing all of the glass on the front of my home.

The ratings reflected in Viwinco brochure meet or exceed NFRC guidelines. Why do you folks have a negative opinion of ViWinco? I am now leary since ViWinco is what my contractor suggested.

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