Stain won't take on part of door

abbey1930August 24, 2005

I stained a door today, but the stain isn't taking on two small sections of the door. This is the door on my half bathroom in my basement. This is a house built in 1950, so the basement ceiling is low. In order to find a door which would fit, my handyman bought a slab door, and cut it to fit. After he cut it the pre cut hole for the door knob was in the wrong place, so he cut out a new one and plugged the previous hole with a wood plug cut out of the discarded wood. It is this wood plug that won't take the stain. Does anyone have any suggestions for staining this small circular patch? I tried sanding it again but the stain still didn't take. Is there a product I can use which would make the patch take the stain?

I would appreciate any help.



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It's probably coated with glue. Most glue won't take stain. If so, this is tough. What kind of glue did he use? You'll need to remove the glue from the surface of the plug. A cabinet scraper might work. Scrape the new piece, then sand it and try it again. A Belt sander or Random orbital sander would do the job, but if you've already stained the rest of the door, it would be hard to get a good match on the newly sanded portion.
Some alcohol based stains will penetrate glue squeese-out, but this would be a long shot and might bring on more problems as the glue usually doesn't stain true to the color that the wood does.
You may be able to find a Colored Permanent Marker that would give you a reasonable match before you put on the final finish.
Good Luck..

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