Hard Water Spots on Bedroom Window

badadjectiveOctober 14, 2009

I have severe hard water spots on the outside of my bedroom window.

I have tried the following solutions as a result of reading other forums and NONE of them did ANYTHING:

-Pure vinegar

-Undiluted CLR

-Glass oven cleaner

Some forums recommended trying something called SpotX, Number 7 Polishing Compound, and Barkeeper's Friend.

I'm getting tired of spending money on all these products. Does anyone have any real experience with severe, dried in hard water spots on windows?

Thank you in advance!

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Could you post a picture or two? Is it just one window among others? Sounds like you have tried an abrasive or two, to no avail.

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Are you sure the spots are on the outside surface of the glass and not inside?

Vinegar should take off whatever hard water spots there might be if the were on the surface that your could access.

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