refinishing/painting veneer piano

sidious_999August 27, 2012

i recently bought a cheap baby grand piano that has a veneer finish. does anyone know how to refinish this the right way. or how could i paint it. i do not care if it makes the value of the piano degrade, i plan on keeping the piano the rest of life.

if someone could tell me what i need to do (i need to do it myself as i can't afford for someone to do it)

:> i would like the ending result to be SOLID BLACK and glossy. kind of like a new piano. i do not like pianos that you can see wood grain!

i have seen and read about people painting them and what not-

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I found an article of someone explaining how she painted her piano, hope it gets you started! Just keep asking questions on Google, I am sure you will find the right process for your situation!

Good luck with your project!

Here is a link that might be useful: bella on line blog

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