Exterior door: wood or fiberglass?

barbnstellaOctober 18, 2009

I need to replace my front door in my 1940s house. The current (likely original) door is wood and rotted at the bottom which makes for a large gap that is very drafty. Summers are humid and winters damp; but the door is now protected by a non-winterized, but enclosed, porch. I'd love to keep with the wood (like the orginal one), but I wonder about heating/cooling efficiency. Is fiberglass better? Also I read another entry here that mentioned how tough it can be to try to install a fiberglass or metal door into a frame originally built for wood.

Any insights?


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do not try to install any door into an existing frame. you will be sorry. if the door is rotted, the frame can't be too good. When you buy a door, 99% come with a frame. Pull your interior trim off and the exterior brickmold. Then use a sawzall to cut any nails or screws holding the frame to the studs.

The door should now easily be removed. When you get a new door be sure to specify whether you have 2x4 or 2x6 walls. By a door with a "frame saver" or other product to insure the door frame does not rot out.

If you have hot, humid or damp condtions I would definitly not get a wooden door. There are some nice fiberglass doors that look really good in wood grain. You will pay more for a fir grain look than a dated oak grain look but it is worth it.

Go to a lumber yard and ask about a Thermatru, or other professional product.

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