Damaged Dresser Top

mare_wbpaAugust 14, 2007

The top of my Walnut(I think) dresser top was damaged in a move. There are no actual scraches, rather long narrow dents which probably happened when something with legs on top of the blanket cover dresser slid. I'd like to finish the top only. I've searched the forums and have read a lot about stripping vs sanding, conditioners, sanding sealers etc. I am now confused. I'd appreciate any help which would clarify the process and possibly advise me on how I might fill the dents and have the stain appear uniform. What finish would be preferrable on a piece made in the late 60s.

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There is one way to try and remove the dents. First you will need to get all the finish off the top. Then take a damp wash cloth and an iron, laying the washcloth on the dent and setting the iron on just the dented part. That will cause the wood fibers to absorb moisture and swell.

It would take an experienced furniture restorer to determine the stain/finish combination. But you could try by using a stain you think is close and wiping it on with a rag---that allows you to control the amount of color change more easily.

A regular varnish would be my choice for a finish.

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Could you post a picture of the piece,so we get a better idea as far the color ?

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