Help with 30' deep full extension glide selection

hydrangea_2008August 8, 2008

We're hoping to get custom cabinets made for our kitchen - and are going with 30" (rather than 24" deep) cabinets (for many reasons - and I'm set on it).

I'd like to be educated on my choices here. The salesperson at the company tells me that he cannot get soft close for 30" full extension drawers. He is also not sure if Blum actually makes these full extension glides.

I searched on the net and ( seems like it might work.

Can I be guided on which manufacturers make full extension glides (+ soft close if possible). Also - can one get concealed undermount glides for 30" deep cabs?

The cabinet dealer seems to want to use a brand called "Knape and Vogt" - but these will not be concealed undermount - but rather side mounted.

Also - any tips on which manufacturers are considered the best (in terms of function/ long term reliability) would be great.


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If your cabinets are 30" deep overall and have backs in them, then the interior depth will be something less than 30". Be careful you don't order a boatload of slides that are too long.

The slide you linked to is not a soft-close model. Blum makes a lot of hardware, but their soft-close feature (Blumotion) only works with a particular model of undermount slide, called Tandem. Take a look at THIS DOCUMENT. Any drawer length over 21" puts you into the heavy-duty slides. They have a 27" model (to fit in a 30" cabinet) but it's gonna cost you....

Here is a link that might be useful: 27

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Thanks a ton! I am a total newbie on such construction details so do bear with me for some more cabinets 101 questions.

So - for frameless kitchen cabinets, if one wants 30" deep countertops, how deep are the cabinets actually constructed and then how deep would the actual drawers be?

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30" counters suggest the boxes will be about 28.5" deep, unless you're using inset doors, and the interior would be no less than 27.75". If you were using the blum tandem slides then the drawers would be no longer than 27".

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Thanks again - this is super useful. I know that I'm quibbling about an inch - but do you know of any manufacturer who makes 28" full extension glides?

Also - is Knape and Vogt a reasonable brand - or should one stick to Blum only.

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This is a high quality full extension slide. Accuride 3832 are made in increments of 2" up to 28" max. Knape and Vogt makes good quality products (often referred to as KV)

Make sure you know the inside dimension of your cabinet box before getting 28" slides. If you only have 27.75" they will not work. You can always still have the drawers made full length and use 26" full extension slides. The back 1-2" of the drawer will be under the countertop when you pull the drawer all the way open. You will not notice this, really. You are quibbling about an inch. Your drawers are going to be so huge and great for storage, don't worry about losing an inch of extension at the back.

Here is a link that might be useful: Accuride 3832

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Thank you - I do know I am quibbling about the inches. Just trying to get the most cavernous but fully accessible drawers.

One last question (honest :) ) - Should I worry at all that the glides being suggested are not undermount but sidemount? Do you think this will matter given that this is a custom kitchen?

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It all a question of whether it matters to you. Keep in mind, though, that the sidemount glides don't have the soft-close feature (which also only matters if it matters to you).

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Undermount glides use an extra 3/4" of space at the bottom of the drawer box. Side mounts use up an extra 3/4" space in the width of the drawer box. For shallow drawers, I think the undermount is a waste of space. It is annoying to have the silverware drawer and the drawer with plastic bags and aluminum foil always getting jammed beacuse it is only 3" deep. Losing 3/4" in width is not really an issue, unless the cabinet is extremely narrow.

I think the glides with the closing feature are more of a gimmick and don't add any real value. (You still have to pull and push the drawer manually. Where is the remote control?)

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Sorry if I'm too late to this conversation... Blum does make Tandem undermount in 27 and 30", apparently (see link, but be sitting down for the price). I've got shorter versions of these in my kitchen, and I'm very happy with them.

For those that are looking, the undermounts do show off the joinery nicely (though the back dovetails are always hidden... it's just the way the face frame worked out). Most people don't notice.


Here is a link that might be useful: Blum tandem

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