Wiring Two Ceiling Fans on One Switch

hatman52May 27, 2007

I'm installing two small 32" ceiling fans in our new kitchen. I plan to run both fans (just fans, no lights) from a single Lutron Fully Variable Fan Control switch. They will always be running at the same time and the same speed. I've downloaded the spec sheet and the install sheet from the Lutron site, but they don't answer one very basic question: Do I run wire from the switch to the first fan, then wire the second fan in series, or do I need to run wires from the switch to each fan independently?

Thanks in advance.

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You wire them in parallel; the only question is whether you run a wire from the switch to Fan 1 and then on to Fan 2 or whether you run separate wires from the switch box to each fan. That's basically a convenience issue, depending on the layout of the circuit.

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First make sure the fan control has enough capacity to handle the power consumed by both fans.

Otherwise the wiring is fine either way. As BP points out, though, you will not wire them in in parallel, not in series. Except for switchloops (where white wires are to be reidentified anyway), you always connect white to white, black to black. Explicit series connnections are almost never used in household electrical wiring.

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It depends on the circuit layout. If the switch is in the middle then wire from the switch to each fan. If the switch is at one end then switch - fan - fan. I would suggest running a three wire cable incase you decide in the future you want a light on the fans.

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