getting power for a light from an existing switch

banner51May 15, 2013

I have a 50's house with a dining room that has no ceiling light. There is a receptacle that works on a switch. I was wondering can I take power from the switch to get my power for a ceiling light

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It depends on how the switch and receptacle are wired.

If the feed goes to the switch first no problem.

If the feed goes to the receptacle first and a switch loop was run over to the switch then you do not have a neutral in the switch box.

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There is hope even if the power goes to the receptacle first. If you are going to install the ceiling light and have no need for a switched receptacle you should be fine. Simply re wire the receptacle location to make what was previously the hot and return from the switch into a hot and neutral to the switch and wire the receptacle hot all the time.

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