Difference between a good instal and a bad one?

mookeylamaOctober 28, 2010

hi. i keep reading about how some are notorious for lousy installs (like Home Depot). so what should i look for when i have my Polaris' installed? thanks

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We had window replacements in several homes and have had terrific, good and horrible installs. The worst one had nail heads sticking up on the inside of the frames, gouged woodwork and poorly fitted trim on the outside. Extension ladders were leaned against aluminum trim and damaged it on the outside.

Even though we're having an issue with our current windows (that is being addressed), the terrific one is in our present home. The inside woodwork was protected. The outside trim is perfect...neat seams and grouting. Every tiny piece of trim was picked up and cleaned up inside and out and flower beds were respected. You couldn't tell anything had been done. I attribute that to my installer. He was fantastic.

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thanks. well i watched these guys a bit and basically they hammered out the old, then put the new in w/ nailgun & screws. using something called a header. then shaped white metal flashing stuff and covered the old wooden casements (which on this 60 yo house was getting pretty rough). then caulked everything. i think they did a good install, but as u can tell by my wording i don't know much about this.

the windows are very sturdily in place. i pushed and pulled. and seem water and air tight. sprayed w/ hose and both the wife and i have stood there checking for draft in the last 3 cold days and nadda. so...i guess i'm happy with it. 17 Polaris Thermalwelds (4 basement hoppers and 1 huge picture window, rest doublehungs) for $4800 total. what y'all think? thanks

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Did they use anything to insulated between the window and the casing? If they were using a nailgun, you likely got a quickie low quality installation. All installations are great the day they are installed. The real test is the test of time. I've never gotten a call to replace windows that were installed a year ago. I have however, replaced many windows that were less than 10 years old. I'm sure the price you paid reflects the value but I hope I'm wrong.

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all windows were foam wrapped and filled. anything else they shoulda used in between the window and casing?

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It's the use of the nail gun that would worry me. Wood has different densities and use of a nail gun for installing something as precise as a window is never a good idea. Especially, considering windows are properly installed using screws. Only hacks use nail guns.

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Foam filled? I've often wondered about the hollow parts of the vinyl window, should that be filled with window-type non-expanding foam?

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Windows on Washington Ltd

Makes very little difference in most cases.

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Really? I would have thought if the surround of the window is hollow, it's a little like no insulation in the walls. I realise the glass and the seals etc are still where the majority of the heat's lost.

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It's the use of the nail gun that would worry me.

when i said "nailgun" i was going by what the wife said. she watched him use the nailgun AND screws on the big picture window. i wasn't there for that.

i saw them use only screws. never the gun. and after talking w/ wife, only time she saw the gun was on the picture window. she said it looked like they were having trouble w/ it. they used the nailgun and screws. maybe they just used the gun to set it then screws to secure it?
they've got great BBB and Angie's List ratings

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A great BBB and Angies List rating is just a bit of information to be considered. It's no guarantee the job was done right, only that there have been no complaints. That's not a good criteria to base a decision on. Hopefull you are aware of what a fraud the BBB is and the very shady practices they are involved in such as selling high ratings to businesses. I can tell you many of the bad installs I have seen were by companies the neighbors used. The question is, what does the neighbor know about installs or windows for that matter? The neighbor might have based his decision on what someone he works with said and on and on.

Hopefully, you got a good install.

Here is a link that might be useful: Complaints about the BBB

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