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patty_cakesAugust 14, 2014

I bought a vintage dresser last winter and put it in the garage, to work on at a 'later date'. I also took the drawers out since they needed some work, and left them sitting on the garage floor. I'm in Tx, and needless to say the garage has heated up nicely. I decided to get to work on this project this past weekend, which was an accomplishment in itself. When I tried to put the drawers back in, they wouldn't fit. I had painted the piece, so with a bit if sandpaper, removed the very small amount of paint that I thought might have caused the problem. When that failed to help, I used sandpaper along the edges, corners, topside/ underside, and ever took a 'planer' to it. Being more logical than scientific, I knew that heat expands, cold contracts, so decided that's what happened when I took the drawers out. I've brought the drawers inside, and am hoping they'll contract enough to get them back in. Now I'm wondering, do I need to bring in the desk also, or will the 'contracted' drawers fit back in?

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You are correct about swelling and srinking but moisture is the cause wood swells/expands. The lower humidity indoors should dry the drawers within a week or two. The dresser is less effected than drawers as far as drawer fit. Your case does sound extreme which leads me to think the drawers might have rested with backs touching concrete. You might have noticed water droplets forming on concrete floors occasionaly.

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Klem1, thank you for responding! So it could take up to 2 weeks?!? Geez, I thought a couple of days would be enough time. It's a new house in Tx, and believe me, if there would have been even one water drop, I probably would have noticed. The bottoms were flat to the floor for the most part, but after I painted them, they were on the end, vertically.

They will go back in all the way, won't they?

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