want windows with interior off white finish

laurensmom21October 6, 2012

We're hopefully building a shingle style house in the spring, and I'm just now doing research on windows. We have Pella in our current house and are less than thrilled. Dh is thinking Andersen or Marvin. Dh is also acting as our builder/gc so we need to do our own homework and cannot rely on a builder for advice.

The big clincher is dh really wants pre-finished interiors. Our Pellas that we previously got when we built this house 5 years ago have unfinished pine interiors and needless to say they are a pain in the &** to paint!

I don't really want a bright white interior finish. My interior trim finish might be something like BM white dove. Do any windows mgfs offer something other than just plain white interiors? Why don't they offer more finishes?!

thanks for any suggestions!

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Windows on Washington

Have you looked at Fiberglass? They will have much more muted white interiors and will give you the look of wood without the rot potential.

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Both Marvin and Andersen (in some series) offer pre-finished white interiors. Their white may not be to your choosing but I would use it as a base coat (in the case of Marvin) to get to the white that you prefer. I believe Andersen does not want you to paint over theirs.

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You should cross post this on the building forum. it's been discussed there too.

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thanks everyone. Not sure on the fiberglass - I will have to look into that. Also, dh really does not want to paint the interiors at all (we are gcing/building/diying a ton) and he wants to find an interior finish that meets our (my) needs without having to paint them - in order to save time.

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I had a Marvin Ultimate installed with the painted white wood interior in my kitchen.
The top two whites that matched well were the White Dove and Affinity Steam. Finally went with the Steam as the walls were an Affinity color as well.
If you are considering White Dove, it should blend very nicely.
Now I am waiting for 6 more to be installed where I have cream trim....I am sure I will have to go through a "learning to love curve" until I have the trim painted again to match them a little better.

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Andersen's prefinished white interior isn't really that white. It's an exterior white which is a little pale/gray. I think they offer the best prefinished interior if you can stand that color.

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dh brought home a sample of the Marvin interior white and it wasn't as blinding white as I thought so that's good. Good to know it might match white dove too - thanks everyone!

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