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JasmarMay 28, 2011

Did a search here and on the Heating and Cooling forum but did not get any hits. Considering replacing a split system with a package unit. This is for a manufactured mobile home. Currently have a 60A disconnect for the outside condenser that is protected by a 40A breaker in the breaker box. Air Handler is electric with electric heat strips protected by a 80A breaker. The current wiring and breaker will be adequate for the cooling part of the new package unit but the line for the heating will need to be moved or replaced. Question is what is appropriate (code) for this? Code would still require a disconnect right? Have not settled on a unit or installer but most are set up to have a single feed or have the heating strips fed separately which is what I would most likely want to have done. Just need some direction since I am only finding 60A disconnects and most likely will need 80 or 90A breaker for the heating.



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Looks as if this project is way beyond your experience level. Why the package unit? More bulk outside and they are not pretty. The existing breaker size for the condensing unit is way too large- and you have not recognized this. A package unit will include all the electrical requirements in the manufacturers instructions.
The plan as outlined in your post is to go from one crappy mess to another.

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"Question is what is appropriate (code) for this? "

Following the installation instructions for the new unit.

They will specify breaker sizes and often even wire sizes.

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Sorry, did not say I plan to DIY, just trying to be knowledgable on it before getting bids. This is not a main home and it can be trouble trying to schedule and even get bids. This would be the second package type unit I have purchased but first was for a beach house where the wiring was allowed to be placed without disconnects since it came through the wall and was placed on stilts. Done with conduit and J boxes all the way back to the panel.

Bus Driver, breakers were the ones installed by the mobile manufacturer. Its a 10 year old mobile, I checked and 40A is what the unit calls for on the condenser. Now you are probably right if you meant the air handler (80A) but I think its sized in case all three heat strips are connected. Now as far as one mess to another you might be correct since the unit they put in there is the crappiest thing ever. There are several reasons why I prefer a package type unit, on a home where the ductwork comes through the floor. If this was a stick built home I would "stick" with a split system.

Question was this, when you need a disconnect bigger than 60A what do you use, and yes many of the package units I am looking at need more than 60A protection for the heating side.

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The next biggest size disconnect is a 100A. If you have the electrical specifications for the new package unit, we can figure out what really needs to be installed. You're probably looking at something no larger than a 3-ton unit, if that. Those(depending on the manufacturer) use no more than a 50A breaker at the box, including heat strips. So the 60A disconnect should be fine.
This however is all based on a 120/240V 1-phase system.

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