NYC Electrical code for underground run

scottysMay 3, 2012

I need to replace/reroute the 40 foot underground EMT that currently runs from my house to the detached garage. If there is anyone out there can please positively confirm that Sched 40 PVC is/is not permitted instead of EMT, please let me know. I have been unable to find this information anywhere online. Again, I am looking for an answer specific to NYC. Thanks very much.

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Contact your city inspector's office for the definitive answer. They'll be glad to answer specific questions like yours.

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Schedule 40 PVC is most certainly allowed underground. In fact it says it right on the pipe.

For a "NYC specific" answer you'll need to contact someone in NYC.

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Ron Natalie

Does anything (driveway, etc..) pass over the conduit? If so you may wish to consider sched 80 rather than sched 40.
Sched 40 is not rated for physical damage protection.

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