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mattypMay 11, 2010


I want to run 2 20amp circuits from my panel to an outside BBQ island. I have 3/4" pvc run underground outside to the island. It comes off the house in a junction box. My question is, Should I run romex from the panel to the junction box and then run thwn wire to the island or should I run thwn wire the entire way? Also, should there only be 4 thwn wires in the conduit for the 2 20amp breakers? 1 green, 1 white, 1 black and 1 red? Or should I run 2 black 2 green and 2 white?

Thanks for any help!!!

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To run THWN the entire way, it must all be in conduit, so if there is no conduit from the panel to the jbox, use Romex, then THWN.

You can run 1 green for both circuits; the choice to run 1 or 2 white (neutrals) is yours. If you run 1, it becomes a multiwire circuit and the circuits must be placed on a double pole breaker. It is probably easier and less confusing for a DIYer to run 2 whites, one for each hot.

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