vapour barrier for recessed lights

oilersmanMay 11, 2007

Do recessed lights rated for IC need the big vapour barrier hat?

Would tuck tape be sufficient to seal up the holes in air tight receptacle boxes?(holes being the entry point of cables in the box) the tuck tape is used to seal all the wall poly vapour barrier in the first place. thx for any help.

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1) You need to either use the vapour insulated IC cans themselves with no additional vapor barrier (quite expensive) or the big blue vapour bags as you describe.
2) Not sure what you mean by air tight receptacle boxes. Normally you'd use a regular metal box with a vapour barrier designed for that size box surrounding it. You'd puncture the small vapour barrier where the cable enters/leaves the box and seal it with a caulking gun. The small vapour barrier boot around each box gets taped to the main vapor barrier poly on the inside of the studs.

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oh sorry, its the yellow hubbell box that is said to be air tight which apparently doesnt need the vapor boot. just thought that maybe duct seal or tape would be sufficient.... thx for the input.

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