Treatments for French Doors

ChinneymaeOctober 6, 2012

I am trying to find curtains for my french doors. My dilemna is that my husband doesn't want to filter the light from the doors yet wants the curtains to be able to provide privacy when needed. I do not want the curtain rods to be attached to the outside of the doors and run across both doors. I want them to cover the glass only and attach to each door. They are vinyl doors. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. This may be a want to have your cake and eat too situation. Thanks.

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"They are vinyl doors."

Depending on what is behind the surface you can usually figure out away to anchor rod hangers to the door.

Short party expanded molly bolts work many times.

Plastic wall anchors not so well (the face is often to thin for any real load, even rods and drapes, maybe sheers and rods).

Sometimes the inside is so 'foamed' it cannot hold much of anything, and then you ed up resorting to various cements (glues) to try and get a bite tat holds over a large enough area on the surface to hold the weight.

Some have some wooden framing inside the door around the perimeter that you can bite into to anchor.

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We have roman shades mounted on our wood french doors and love the fact that there is no curtain in the way. Good luck!

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Windows on Washington

Who is the manufacturer of the door?

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