Floor refinishing

speedymonkAugust 22, 2007

I am getting ready to strip, fill holes, sand, stain and top coat solid oak flooring in my dad's home that hasn't seen the light of day in 41 years.

My nephewvdoesn't like my methods or materials. I am using Johnson Wax Professiona;l grade stripper (water based mixed 3:1). Mixture is on the flooring about 7 minutes, is then scrubbed to loosen up the old junk, wiped down and then lightly mopped with water and dryed with a cloth.

I'll then use a Minwax stain, professional grade poly top coat (perhaps two with light sanding in-between) and finish with a paste wax top.

He claims any water-based is bad (amongst other things). I'm following the directions and have done plenty of furniture refinishing. I've used several different types of stippers but this seems to be the easiest and least toxic to use, aside from a dip tank utilizing acetone, alcohol and laquer thinner when I was in Idaho. I have never done a floor before but to me, oak is oak and this is furniture onloy on a bigger scale.

I think my nephew, who is in financial trouble, is just bucking to get hired to do the job. My dad's home is now an estate and we are readying it for sale.


Thank you in advance.

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Got it worked out.

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