Anyone have interior before & after pics of insert replacements?

jessie21October 12, 2009

I've been having a heck of a time trying to decide what sort of replacement windows to get. Have been leaning towards marvin or marvin infinity (oy, they are sooo expensive and I'm not wild about my grill options). Also got a price on trimline wood inside/clad outside (much more reasonable). A pella rep is also supposed to come out next week to discuss options and price on the architectural series. Since my frames are in decent shape and I don't want the hassle and expense of full rip outs, I am going for the inserts. A few windows have painted trim (kitchen and dining room) so I would go for either white fiberglass or painted wood on those.........and the others would either be wood stained to match or in the case of infinity, the wood veneer, stained.

Of course I'm concerned about losing a lot of glass. I've seen lots of photos of houses from the outside, showing the pretty new my case, that's meaningless, as I won't be getting new trim and since I'm more concerned with how it will look as I sit at my dining room table, looking out into the yard. But I can't find any before and after pics from the interior. Anyone have some to share? Did you put replacement windows in your kitchen remodel or some such and so have befores and afters?

If you have them, please share and please let me know what kind of window you chose and if you are happy. I think this would help so many of us struggling with what windows to choose. thanks so much, in advance.

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I will be following this thread as we are in the same boat, we have about 18 windows that we are going to replace and maybe even add a bay in the spot where two window's are. We have quotes from Andersen and Pella and thinking about getting a quote from Marvin. We also have quote's from two vinyl companies, but we wanted to go with wood so we ruled them out.

I was surprised that the difference in $ between a full ripout versus an insert from Andersen and Pella was not that great (11% more with Pella and only 6% more with Andersen).

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from, the pella guy just came to my house yesterday and I was surprised least for the architectural series, the difference was relatively small. He told me I would lose less glass by doing the full ripout with them too.

Since you are interested in this thread...I cross posted a shorter version of this question over at the kitchen forum, where they are more active and I actually got some replies.

Here is a link that might be useful: Here's the link

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